Quad of Nations 2015 entry list
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Quad of Nations 2015 - Schwedt, Germany
12 September, 2015 at 17:32

Next month the Quad of Nations 2015 will be held in Schwedt, Germany. The 15 teams that are going to compete with each other are announced, which also brings the dissapointing news that the French and Portuguese team will probably not compete.

The hosts of this year Quad of Nations didn’t have a team last year, but are ready to take a spot on the podium in their own country. With a strong team including: Julian Haas, Stefan Schreiber and Manfred Zienecker. They will also have a second team due to the number of teams present at the Quad of Nations. The second team riders are: Maximilian Flemming, Marvin Krause and Wilhelm Rudolph.

The Dutch team of last year consisting of Mike van Grinsven, Joe Maessen and Ingo ten Vregelaar will be present in Schwedt to defend their title after winning last years Quad of Nations in Markelo, the Netherlands.

The French team, which has won the Quad of Nation 2 times, would have been one of the favourites. But according to our sources the FFM doesn’t want to send a French team to Germany. The Portuguese team will also not be present, they didn’t have a championship this year. This opens up a spot for the German B team.

The British team brings a new strong youthful team of riders, with Luke Cooper, George Callaway and Bailey Edwards. This team is not to be underestimated and will certainly be a candidate for a podium spot and moto wins.

The Estonian team is missing the 15 year old Estonian Championship leader Kevin Saar, who is still too young to compete for the Quad of Nations team. Beside that they’re also missing Sten Jupaschevski, who is suffering from a wrist injury after crashing while training. But with Kaspar Kangur, Martin Filatov and Priit Jarvloo the Estonians still have a strong team that will give it all for a podium spot.

The Danish team has a lot of experience on the German tracks, With Casper Holm and Alexander Norskov who are on the second and third position in the German Championship. Together with Sebastian Michelsen they also are the top 3 contestants in the Danish Championship. Ready to show their worth in Schwedt.

Team Ireland will also be a force to be reconed with. With Dean Colhoun, David Cowan and Justin Reid they will be in the forefront of the motos and could even take home the Quad of Nations title.

The Italians are back after a lot of bad luck last year in Markelo. The team is different from last year. This time Andrea Cesari Jr. will battle together with Nicola Ciceri and Simone Mastronardi on his side for a podium spot.

The Czech and Polish team both have riders who have experience on the German tracks. The Czech team has Zdenek Polacek who did really well in his last few races, even winning a German Championship round. He will ride together with Jakub Kostelecky and David Susa. For the Polish team Kacper Kaminski, Roman Gwiazda and Witek Natkaniec are selected.

Team Latvia and Russia were both excused for last years Quad of Nations, but seem to be present in Germany next month. The Latvian team will have Edgars Mengelis, the European Championship of 2015. Together with Karlis Bole and Raivis Soottee. Russia will be present with the young Daniil Vlasov, Dmitrii Kolchin and Evgeny Yarovoy.

Last but not least we have Lithuania, Norway and Finland. Team Lithuania will consist of: Egidijus Grazys, Darius Luksa and Domantas Vaznys. Team Norway will be present with: Lars Holmen, Christopher Tveraen and Joakim Olsen. Team Finland has chosen for: Jani Tanhuanpaa, Lasse Ruotsalinen and Valtteri Vainiopaa.


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